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Monica Ferris
Susan Mallery
Well, this is off to a grim start. Gripping, tho. And I love that the setting is not the usual Western European one.
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I really enjoyed "Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda." Even though it was short, Albertalli did a great job of making all of t...
by Hunter Shea This story is a novella and reads very fast! A divorcing husband and wife exterminator team are assigned to ...
Sigh. I don't know why there always has to be a follow-up to a popular book before an author can work out the kinks and or th...
So, this was my first foray into Discworld - and I've been given the impression that it's an early Discworld and shouldn't se...
Rev Robyn is pregnant and on bed rest. In her place, many of the parishioners are covering the things Robyn would normally co...
For those who haven't seen this yet and for anybody who'd like to join: The Discworld group is going to read the books from...
AudiobookI liked this book up until the ending and then it was "give me a break". Not believable at all! It's made me second ...
Today a former classmate of mine messaged me to say that a professor we knew from graduate school had died last week. While I...
My Tweet does not feel like embedding correctly today. But this is what I'm reading. #FridayReads I'm starting one of my mos...
Lavender Shores’s resident tattoo artist, Connor Clark, looks the part—six foot six, musclebound, and covered in ink—and most...
After witnessing Billy Joe an act of cruelty and prejudice that has Billy fearing for his life, he realizes that home is not ...
Next book due at the public library! Wish I could put if off a bit, because I just finished Diamonds Are Forever a little wh...
text: Friday Reads - August 17, 2018
I am slipping into a reading slump. Nothing is appealing me and I keep DNF'ing books. This week's DNF was Written in Blood (The Others #1) by Anne Bishop - it was wonderful wo...
Secrets of the Tulip Sisters - Susan Mallery Crewel World - Monica Ferris

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