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If you think your cat might really be a demon in disguise you need to read this. This is mine. I think many of you are alr...
I suspected they'd e-mail me back, but they called me. Bottom line: there may be no religious accommodations for private sc...
text: $2.99 at B&N NOOK store
Sale! I picked this up because I really enjoyed London: The Novel.
New York - Edward Rutherfurd
I am adding new audiobooks to my shelf this morning. With the shelve it button only working with the UK site, it is more comp...
Obsidian Blue and I are going to get to meet! This Sunday! At POWELL'S BOOKS, Y'ALL!
Today was a challenging day, podcast-wise: Zencastr, the ostensibly "easier way" of conducting high-quality audio interviews ...
First in a series is tough. Making the jump from journalist to novelist is tricky. Invisible City is a solidly plotted mur...
Please don't let the cover confuse you into thinking this is purely an M/M romance. It's not. While there is a love story ins...
I don’t know if I liked this one or not. There were some plot holes, but I found it interesting. The way this book ends thoug...
This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.I thought that this was pretty good. It wasn't great but it wa...
This book is mostly what it says on the tin, anecdotes about Magdalena's travels seeking out the world's most endangered plan...
Just a reminder that our read of A Is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie by Kathryn Harkup begins on Tuesday, May 1s...
I have no idea how many pages are in this book, as there aren't any page numbers, but I'm up to the point of the blueprint f...
Sitting down to write this as a blog post early this morning, I realized what my issue is, and why I come out being so "nice"...
This picks up after the events of Fair Game. Mercy is out Christmas shopping on Black Friday with her step-daughter Jesse. Me...

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