A Very Tudor Christmas - Amanda McCabe

Short story from Harlequin's Undone Series (historical romances with a higher level of steam than the other historical romance lines they have) - about 50 pages.


I liked this story, but not eagerly so. Some of the things I liked were:

1. Story was set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I/Tudor Era, which was a fresh of breath air after so many Regencies and Victorians.

2. The heroine was likable and grew in her maturity during her time at court, but she still had genuine affection and concern for her cousin, an up and coming member of the court.

3. The hero was likable and wanted to avoid a marriage for money to an heiress of his parents choosing, so he worked hard to build a solid reputation abroad to gain  Elizabeth's good graces.


What I didn't like was the way he sent word to the heroine about why he had to leave; leaving a note with her maid, then her maid forgetting to give her the note and the note is lost for good. Big Misunderstanding seems wasted here. The heavy petting scene was the first scene that the reader sees the couple meeting, which I thought was overkill. It didn't fit in with the Tudor Era setting - too brazen for an out in the open display of affection between two people not married. There were six chapters total, and chapter five was all about their sex scene (sex before clearing up the Big Misunderstanding).


I would recommend this book.