The Romance of a Christmas Card - Kate Douglas Wiggin

This book was first published in 1916 and was released as in the last year or so by The Vintage Reader. 65 short pages, but a bunch of plot threads that didn't seem interconnected until the very end.



Two households in a quaint New Hampshire village experience yuletide joy in the 1880s when the handmade Christmas cards of the minister's wife are published and circulated nationally. This slender book spirits us gently back to a simpler time, as two village prodigals have been gone for three years, leaving gossip and grief behind--not to mention a minister sorrowing over his rogue son and a sister with orphan twins to raise. This is a quiet, short read for a snowy evening.



I liked it sort of. The technical writing was fine, but I had a hard time trying to find a theme or thread that connected the two families until the end. There were scenes from the past that the author went into great length into and then the next scene took place in the present. The characters were drawn well and had an easy chemistry.


Dick and Letty never got their happily ever after or even a damn conversation because the book ended as he was going to sleep on Christmas Eve (he was supposed to meet up with her Christmas Day). I felt cheated, as that was the one romantic thread throughout the story that was being built for the climax of the story...and never happened.


It was a quick read, but I would recommend skipping it. Nothing special since the big payoff happens off screen after the book ends.