Thanksgiving at Magnolia Hill - Adrianne Ambers


Thanksgiving at Magnolia Hill is a sequel to Christmas at Magnolia Hill. Many of the characters are the same. Henry and Livvy, the butler and cook are still making sure that Magnolia Hill runs smoothly. Addy's friend and companion, Clementine, formerly a battered woman who couldn't speak, is now a successful painter. Addy's flamboyant ex-husband Billy drops in from time to time. Years may have separated Addy from her childhood sweetheart, Dr. Keith Eversole, but she has made a delightful discovery: a soul mate is not a myth, but another miracle biding its time until forever is in sight.



This is about how an older couple (each in their 70s) break the news to her family that they are getting married. The journey for this couple in reuniting is told in that first book, which I am not going to read due to not  Half the people mentioned in that blurb are giving one paragraph or nothing in this book.


Also, the reaction by the family members isn't great. The daughters/in-law seem to think that the good Dr. (a retired Col) is only after Addy's money; the way in which the author wrote the scenes, it made the daughters look money hungry. The sons/in-law are uneasy with their mother finally moving on from the divorce (30 years after the divorce) and don't like change.


Then ex-husband has a medical issue and the good Dr saves the day and everyone changes their attitudes toward him. *eyeroll*


No stars.