Engaged at The Chatsfield - Melanie Milburne The Wedding Dress Diaries - Aimee Carson A Magical Collection - Maddie James, Janet Eaves, Magdalena Scott The Christmas Cottage - Samantha Chase Boys of Summer (Harlequin Blaze) - Julie Leto, Kimberly Raye, Leslie Kelly Worth the Risk (Harlequin More than Words) - Meryl Sawyer

The books that made me rant the most:


Engaged at the Chatsfield (The Chatsfield series prequel) by Melanie Milburn and The Wedding Dress Diaries (prequel to the The Wedding Season series) by Aimee Carson


I don't know what Harlequin was thinking, but these two prequels were utter crap. Both were so bad, I won't touch the rest of the respective series. And the wedding dress one made me not want to read the Kiss line in general. Such failures - typical of my choices in contemporary romance.


A Magical Collection (Anthology) by Various Authors

I think you might want to smoke your favorite plant or drink a tasty fermented beverage prior to reading these three short stories. I read it in one night, but only in interest to see how bad a train wreck the next story could be in comparison to the last story. I described these stories to my husband over pints at our local pub one night and he couldn't help but laugh at the premises.


The Christmas Cottage by Samantha Chase

I didn't know what was worse - the bride-zilla of a BFF or the female MC who held a grudge/teenage horny feelings toward the male MC. Or maybe it was the complete lack of thought by the author to the marriage laws of North Carolina at the end of the story. Unintentional hate read - I wished the serial killer from Thankless in Death went on a vacation to the mountains of North Carolina.


Boys of Summer (Anthology) by Various Authors

 This crapfest was one absurd premise after another with female MCs that were TSTL and too horny to have standards when it comes to men. I am a baseball fan (go Yankees!) and this was not really about the baseball players and the women they love - it was about sex with desperate groupies. I didn't buy any of these HEA/HFN.


Not shown - 99% of Harlequin's More Than Words

I think I read one MTW story that was good (Just Joe by Carla Cassidy). The rest were all the reasons I hate contemporary romance; the addition of the charity was usually clunky placed in the story. Really awful characters. And yet....I have a bunch of new MTW stories to read in January 2015...because I am a glutton for punishment.


Overall - Harlequin, when you disappoint, you go all out!