A Cup of Cozy - Linda Kozar, Traci Tyne Hilton, Deborah Malone, S. Dionne Moore, C.L. Ragsdale, Nancy Jill Thames

Not going to bother with my typical review format. This book isn't long enough to warrant anything more than a few simple lines.


It was a NOOK freebie, and the anthology itself was 45 pages (out of a 102 page "book"); the other 57 pages were sneak peaks at the authors' other works.


It was three 15 page stories that centered around cozy mysteries (a found diamond/missing painting/a family recipe for fudge) that were related to Christmas. the anthology was Christian fiction, but it wasn't much religious tone at all except a few times characters prayed. All three stories were incredibly cheesy; I can not stress enough how cheesy these stories were. Cheez-Wiz on a Cheez-it cracker with melted Velveeta cheesy. And I could tell the whodunit when the character came on the scene. These sleuths aren't the brightest crayons in the box. .5 star.