Dead Copy - Kit Frazier


Sassy, sexy Cauley MacKinnon is dying to escape the obituary beat and become a reporter for the Austin Sentinel. She gets her chance when smokin' hot FBI Agent Tom Logan asks her to pen a fake obit for a federal witness.


Soon Cauley and her search and rescue dog finds herself up to her eyelashes in dead bodies, on the run from a corrupt sheriff and worried that the next obituary could be her own.



The first book in the series (Scoop) was so great, I went and got this book as soon as I was done reading the first. This could be read as a stand-alone, but works so well with the first book.


This book was just as an addictive read as the first book. The mystery was entertaining and the characters already felt like old friends after the first book. I like that Cauley's relationship with FBI agent Tom Logan went up a notch, both physically and emotionally. Central Texas/Austin area is as much of a character in the books as NYC is to Law & Order - you can't really tell these stories anywhere else.


I really love this world Kit Frazier created; so much, I downloaded the Kindle for PC app just so I could get a Christmas short story that is part of the series.


I wanted to give this book 5 stars, but there is the issue of copy editing - there is none! I only took one star off the first book for copy editing issues because it was free. This time, I paid money and wanted (expected) a clean copy. Unfortunately, the conversion from a print book (published by Midnight Ink) to an e-book did not work out. There is punctuation and formatting issues on every single page, which could make the book unreadable for many readers. My mind just fixed the errors as I read, but other readers may not be able to do. Since I read and am reviewing the e-book version, I am only giving this great story 3.5 stars.


I would recommend this book, but only the print version. I am looking for the third book (Morgue) in print plus I have the Christmas short story (which I only found on Amazon - get with it B&N!).