The Taking of Snow White: Forever Taken: Book One - Christian M. Darcy


She was lost in the woods - alone, afraid. For the first time in her life, she had to depend on herself. On her wits. On her wiles. On her body, her mind, and her heart.

Where was her Prince? Where was the handsome man who would save her from this terror? Where was her brave hero, to rescue her from the lustful huntsman, from the wicked Queen, from the rebels and the dangers and the forest which reached out to consume her? And where was she going to go to get her shoes repaired after all this running?



So after reading this blurb, I thought the book was going to be a YA adventure about Snow White finding her agency, her way back to the castle, and kicking the Evil Queen's ass. Instead, I open the book, saw the page count (81 pages), and realized I picked up a book that was definitely not YA.


So what is this book? Basically, an erotic re-telling of Snow White minus the dwarves. The seven little dudes are replaced with a small group of the kingdom's resistance fighters. They want to over throw the monarchy and set up a democratic government...except that women are to stay in the kitchen/home and tend to the men, children and home. They believe a stupid bunch of lies Snow White gives them and believe she is "Violet", a stable maid. Snow White finds out that her nickname amongst the fighters is "Snow White the Stupid" - this I must agree with (I would also be in agreement if they had nicknamed her "Snow White the Witless" or just "Snow Witless"). Also, the Evil Queen is Snow White's step-mother.


The book tried to hard to be snarky towards both traditional values and progressive values; the "humor" comes off as passive-aggressive towards all women. Everyone in the monarchy is an idiot and shallow - and big boobed. So much boobies, all standing pert and ready for action. The author of this book (a man who is a professor of History somewhere in Montana) must be a breast man. The erotic scenes include m/f (Snow White loses her virgin card), voyeurism,  f/f, and masturbation; because everyone, including Snow White, overtly consents, I had no problem with pages of erotica. It does end on a more ways than one.


Please Note: Erotica is not my forte, so my rating is based on technical writing (only one error I saw) and all the sex was consensual. Looking at ratings on GR and B&N, the average rating for this book is 3 stars, so that is what I am giving it. I can't seem to find the book on B&N now, nor on Smashwords, so the author now may be exclusive to Amazon or took the book off the market completely. 3 stars.


Well, that will teach me to download free books indiscriminately!