To Tame A Dragon - Megan Bryce


To Tame A Dragon
Lady Amelia Delaney is known for her sharp tongue, no-nonsense attitude, and sizable fortune. Numerous suitors have tried to win her hand for the money, for the challenge, and for a rather unfortunate bet. She knows the unflattering reasons behind her numerous proposals– can she ever accept that a man would want to marry her just for herself?

Jameson Pendrake is a devil-may-care dandy who cares for naught but fun and fashion. But behind his laughing green eyes lies a dark history, and he calls off his wedding because of his fear of repeating the past. He can not simply give up on the idea of marriage– a wife is the best defense against the yearly crop of scheming mothers and their frilly daughters. But to allay his fears he needs a woman strong enough to laugh in the face of his past. A woman unflappable, unwavering, and unbroken. He knows just the woman. The trick, it seems, is in getting her to accept.



This book was so much more fun than the first book in the series. There was actually Regency characters behaving/talking/thinking like people did in the Regency Era. It was so engrossing to read that when I did look up at the time (50% into the book), I realized that dinner time was speeding away and the kids hadn't had anything to eat. Oops.


The Amelia and Jameson had the best dialogue - witty and sharp, but with warm respect and love towards one another. Amelia is in the running for best heroine of 2015 - smart, funny, loyal - she had the ton in the palm of her hand. Then in the last third of the book, the feels kicked in. Amelia's and Jameson's "I Love You" conversation spoke of the ghosts of the past being finally put to rest. 5 stars.