Love Finds You in Carmel-By-The-Sea, California - Sandra D. Bricker


After moving to the picturesque town of Carmel, Annie Gray crafts a Hollywood-inspired plan to improve her life that includes a better job and a new leading man. Will Annie's big plan end in disaster--or happily-ever-after?



The book was written for daytime television. As a soap opera fan (I wrote a term paper on social issues on daytime television for my 11th grad American Lit class - I am that big of a fan), I can say that this storyline was crap. As a romance novel fan, I can say this storyline was crap. I mention soap operas because the author has a background working for soaps/actors and actresses.


She should go back to working for soaps.


This female MC (I can't get the nerve to call her a heroine) was big case of needing a diva to center all the other characters around the storyline. Think Erica Kayne (All My Children), Marlena Evans-Black (Days of Our Lives), or Reva (Guiding Light). Narcissistic, flaky, jealous, overly dramatic Annabelle Gray dreams of a Golden-era Hollywood life while she can't even be in the same room with reality. Examples:


She drops out of college in her senior year because she woke up one day and decided becoming a therapist is not the path she is cut out to travel. Rather than, I don't know, change majors...she just ups and quits college. She takes the first job that comes along (call center) but after four years is laid off and she isn't qualified for much else- which is where we meet her.


Her ex-boyfriend, now friend (Evan) decides to get involved with a new woman (Jenny). Pages and pages of Annabelle crying over the fact that Evan is happy with someone else and making a commitment to Jenny and not her. Evan was now just a friend, but since someone else moved in on what she considers her territory, Annabelle wails how it is not fair that Evan can fall in love and marry someone else after being just friends with Annabelle for years.


Jenny is Nick's sister (Nick is Annabelle's love interest....eventually). At first, Annabelle is under the assumption that Jenny is Nick's girlfriend. Annabelle hates Jenny for getting a hold of Nick before she could...until Nick introduces Jenny as his sister. Then Annabelle gets mad at Nick for allowing her to think Jenny was something more.


Annabelle's brother and sister-in-law are finally expecting a baby after years of trying to conceive. Not only is Annabelle not happy for her family members, she is upset because her younger brother is doing adult things (like graduate from college, getting married, having children) before she is able to get a job she likes and maybe a boyfriend with marriage potential. She is jealous and takes over hundred pages for her to call the couple and congratulate them on their news.


There's more, but those are the highlights that go on and on and on.....


The scenery was nice and reminded me of the good times I had living in California. Also, the book reminded me how much I miss my friends, the weather, and the multitudes of burger-and-shake shacks that line the California highway system. I have a serious craving for In-and-Out Burgers. England, bring this burger goodness to your shores already!


The other characters should have cut their losses and left the female MC alone wallowing in her loneliness. I know I am cutting my losses with this author - no more books from her. 0 stars.