Suddenly Tamed (Exotic Locales) - Sarah Vicks


Because of her… he believes in romance again. Captain Alan Tame is wrapping up the tail end of his commission in India. Just as he's convinced himself to return home to England and resume his life in Brighton, his gaze falls on an enchanting woman. He's captivated by one glance and the pursuit begins no matter that it's a crazy idea.

Because of him… her hope for the future is restored. Devi Derbyshire is the daughter of an Eng-lish military man and his Indian housekeeper. She knows exactly what she wants from life—a home, a family and the love of a good man. But her mixed heritage has clouded her options. One accidental glance across a ballroom gives her heart wings and her belly flutters.

Because of the magic of love… Alan cajoles Devi into a dance, and that one twirl about the floor leads to so much more. On a perfumed balcony, plans are made for an assignation in the court-yard, but before Devi can meet him, she’s waylaid and locked in a tiny room, leading Alan to assume the worst. Only the belief in true love will see them through.



Is it bad that the excerpt for a different book by a different author from the same publisher was better than the story I downloaded? Yeah, this was a disappointment, but it was a quick read.


What I like: interracial romance with mixed race MC and the locale was much different than the typical late Regency English romance. Although it is set in India, there is still a ball/house party in keeping with English high society. The heroine was Indian and English; the author took pains to show some of the racist BS the heroine had to deal with which made her a little wary of hero's declaration of love.


What I didn't like: the MCs fell in love within one hour of meeting each other. They were engaged within two days. The hero begs and persuades the heroine endlessly. There was no plot in the 165 pages of the story.


I have book two in the wings and will probably start it tonight. If I hadn't already have book two downloaded and ready to read, I wouldn't have bother. 1 star.