Never Too Late (Harlequin More Than Words) - Christi Barth

I just can't say no to free Harlequin stories, so here we go with another round of Harlequin's More Than Words series. The stories in the series are based on real life volunteers and their charities. Some are free, but all stories can be found in print for normal Harlequin anthology prices. This time, I am giving star ratings to my reviews, because I want to highlight what is good and bad with these stories; the star ratings have no relation with how I feel about the charities. As usual, I will provide links to the charities' websites.


Charity: Beverly's Birthdays (

The charity provides birthday parties to kids who are homeless or in at-risk situations.



I hate it when I want to root for the hero to find another woman to love rather than the heroine. Chris was a wonderfully fleshed out character and had a past that closely tied in with the charity. He is professionally competent and owns up to his mistakes. Ali, the female MC, lives for drama and resides on Emotional Rollercoaster Alley. Her mood swings made me want to give her two Midol tablets and a punch to the throat. The author repeatedly told the reader that Ali was just as competent as Chris, but all the showing the author did spoke of her lack of skill in the profession. I honestly did not want to see Chris end up with emotionally unstable Ali. The author broadcasted the ending from the second chapter, and it was kind of cheesy.


I don't like this author's idea of "strong, determined" heroines being emotional basket cases, so I won't be reading anything more by her. 1 star.