The Face in the Mirror - Rhys Bowen


Molly Murphy—Molly Sullivan, now that she and Daniel are finally married—is bored. Having given up her detective agency when she married, she now finds that her life is much less exciting, her days an endless stretch of housekeeping and chores. But when Molly secretly attends a suffragist meeting with her friends Sid and Gus and meets a shy, distracted woman who claims to live in a haunted house, everything is about to change.



Now I understand why the Molly Murphy mystery series is so popular. This was a short story, but long enough for me to really like Molly and want to read more in the series (unlike The Amersham Rubies story that was really much ado about nothing). Molly has enough charm and manners to mingle with the upper crust, but also has enough street smarts to get information she needs to resolve the cases. The story is only six chapters, but was enough to whet my appetite for more reading. 4 stars.