Mental Health Break Needed STAT

Uhm, my Twitter feed blew up something fierce tonight and not in a good way. Bookish Internet is going to have a massive hangover in the morning.


1. Some male writer doesn't know any females and therefore doesn't have any female characters in his books (or very few of them) and makes shit ten times worse for himself when he gives his lame ass excuse as to why there are so few/no female characters. Dude writer is a father to a 17 year old daughter....


2. A certain publisher/author that is currently knee deep in a lawsuit against DA went all transphobic when explaining just how much of an ally she is to the LGBTQA community. No, really that happened (many screen shots are up on thanks to multiple Twitter users). OOOOOOOKKKKKKAAAAAAYYYYYYY.....


3. And the defense of a book about Sally Hemmings/Thomas Jefferson "love affair" keeps on providing free rage inducers. It's not rape, it's just like all those other President/mistress love stories, don't you know. *SIGH*


I am going to take a break from social media for a couple of days. Work on my final research paper and hang out with some kick ass women who became the First Ladies of the United States. Then I am head to Cadbury World and SeaLife Center on Saturday with hubby and the kids. I will see you probably Sunday or Monday.


Happy Reading!