I have a favor to ask of you, dear bookish people.....

My husband is getting ready for a long business trip (6-7 months) and decided to download the Kindle app for iPhone so that he can enjoy any down time by reading. The thing is, my husband likes to read fantasy, horror, some sci-fi, and graphic novels - all the stuff I don't read. I introduced BookBub to him yesterday, but he wants more options, as the books advertised really weren't in his trope wheelhouse. Do you have any recommendations in those genres?


When it comes to fantasy, he likes more medieval-type setting. Some authors he likes are Robert Jordan (just the early books in the Wheel of Time series....towards book #7 he was skimming the entire novels), Neil Gamain, and Brian Sanderson. He is looking at Terry Prattchett, but doesn't know where to start.


When it comes to horror, the creepy atmosphere is the biggest factor. He doesn't really want zombies in his horror, but true creepiness. Absolutely no vampires!


When it comes to sci-fi or dystopia, bring on the zombies!


Comics, graphic novels, and manga have no real likes/dislikes. Sexiness is a plus though.


Thanks in advance from the both of us!