A Kiss for Luck: A Novella (Sweetest Kisses) - Grace Burrowes


Meh. The lead couple was socially awkward, so their story was at times embarrassing to read. For example, they had a pointless, stupid talk about casual sex while in midst of foreplay. I could see the external conflict from the beginning. The MCs back stories were a range of horrible stuff: the heroine had alcoholic parents, an art professor turned stalker (which was mentioned in passing), alcoholic ex-boyfriends, and a sister and nephew that were recovering from an abusive marriage. The hero saw his dad die from cancer when hero was 13, his mom remarried soon after dad's death and moved the family to America, and he was burn-out and disillusioned from being a lawyer so he changed jobs and became a private investigator working for lawyers. Overall, a choppy, awkward read. 1.5 stars.