Seeks For Her: A Montana Romance Novella - Merry Farmer


Rebecca Turner is divorced, shamed, and an affront to the sanctity of marriage, but at last she is her own woman! Life is good outside of the shadow of fear cast by her ex-husband. But when two of her children fall mysteriously ill, the kind and handsome doctor that treats them shows interest in healing her heart as well as her daughters. With so much on the line, can she learn to love or will she be making the same mistake that trapped her in a hellish marriage all over again?


Dr. Thomas “Seeks For Her” Smith has searched for love his whole life and finally found it in the brave and beautiful Rebecca. He is determined to prove to her that love is not a prison, but freedom itself. When a rash of sickness strikes the children of Cold Springs and the pond where the children swim, a place Rebecca loves, threatens to be shut down, Thomas will stop at nothing to defend it, even if it puts his reputation on the line.


When happiness and innocence is threatened, love is the only thing worth fighting for.



A strong story with characters you can root for as individuals and as a couple and family. I like that Rebecca was strong and smart and wasn't afraid to show that strength or her wits. Thomas was a hottie, but a smart and considerate hottie. The author doesn't shy away from the racism that Thomas (a Native American) has to endure, despite being a great doctor and upstanding citizen. This story makes me want to settle into the Cold Springs series and read more....luckily, I have two more stories to read this month.


I do have two quibbles: 1) the cover made me think it was more of a contemporary romance (and the blurb really doesn't help) and 2) a few typos need fixing. Other than that, a welcome break from less than awesome contemporary heroines. 4 stars.