Family Ties - Kamy Chetty


A woman with no family ties of her own, desperate to fulfill her dream of having a child finds she cannot conceive a child naturally. A man who feels guilt over his ex-wife's death, cannot find closure. Can the attraction these two people feel be enough to overcome their conflicting desires, especially when Jack finds himself the guardian of a baby he isn't sure he can be responsible for.



This was a slog fest to get through, with a whole lot of skimming and outright skipping the sex scene. The MCs were supposed to be medical professions and acted anything but professional (making out right outside patients rooms for example). There was so much drama and self-inflicted injury that I wanted to DNF a few times in this short 133 page story. The MCs were horny, moody, and desperate when they weren't avoiding each other or running away from problems.


I had a major issue with the heroine. The first scene in the book is Olivia holding a newborn in the maternity ward's nursery and honestly thinking about abducting the child and running far away with the child so that she could be a mom. She thought out how, since she was a midwife and was authorized to be there, she could easily slip out with reason with the child. Yeah.....not cool. This was my one big fear with giving birth to my kids, which is why I wouldn't let the nurses take them from the room unless I or my husband went with them. Needless to say, I didn't warm to the heroine all that quickly.


Still wasn't all that warm to the heroine when a few chapters into the book, there is a scene where the heroine was sitting in a park waiting for her black market baby to be delivered. I. Am. Not. Kidding. Olivia didn't want to go through the long process with formal state adoptions, so she asked around for sources of private no-questions-asked adoptions. Not just NO, but Aw Hell NO! I should have DNF'd right then and there. I don't know what the author was thinking about making her heroine act on such level of desperation and have the readers still root for her.


The hero was a moody asshole when he wasn't a horny asshole. Not much personality.


0 stars.