London Book Fair 2015

I was only available to go today due to a hectic schedule this week. But I think I went on the perfect day, as it was less crowded (good for me since I had the kids in tow) and today was all about children's literature!


A big thank you to BookLikes for the free pass! I met Dominique at the BL booth, and she gave my son a balloon and my daughter some stickers - she was their favorite person. My son ended up getting a book for free from one of the remainders vendor - of course, it is about knights and, more importantly, DRAGONS.


The Olympia in Kensington (West London) is huge, and with three levels of bookish goodness I only got to the first two levels, but that was more than enough. So many countries/regions of the world were represented! I hate to sound like an Anglophile, but I liked the British stuff the best (books and publishing for British Museums, English Heritage, etc). There was a book of poetry written by those who fought in WWI that I was eyeing...might look at ordering it online or wait until I go to the Imperial War Museum and buy it from the book shop there.


There was something for every reader here.  I wished I took pictures to show you, but I was busy wrangling two kids. I am planning to return next year, either with my hubby or kids or going solo.