Non-Reading Related: Downton Abbey Season Five

Now that school is done, I need to catch up on my favorite tv shows. I spent Saturday night/Sunday morning binging on Downton Abbey Season Five. Here are my thoughts:



1. Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes finally get together! I shipped them since season 1, episode 1 - So damn satisfying to know they have a future together. Also love Ms. Patsmore looking to her future too and encouraging Daisy.


2. Dowager Countess and the princess storyline - I like that DA gives the Countess her own life - friends, social obligations, etc so that she is not always at the Abbey stirring the pot or stirring up trouble. DA seems to value older/elder characters. When she is at the Abbey, she is there for a purpose. There was less notable quips, but learning more of her backstory was interesting.


3. Lady Edith - I am so happy to see her back with her daughter. However, her daughter was the worst kept secret EVER. I am sorry to hear about her lover dying in Germany, but this storyline helped ground the show in historical reality.


4. Daisy really grew on me over the seasons and her taking control of her education was great. Thomas' electric shock therapy to "cure" his homosexuality and make him more "normal" made me ache for him - which is saying a lot, because dude is a nasty piece of work over the seasons. I hope he gets peace. Mosely needs to stop trying so hard, Ms. Baxter is already won over by him.



1. Tom Branston was wasted this season. I am sad to see him leave for America, but that was the first time this season he did something for himself rather than be a tool for someone (Lord Grantham or the school teacher) to spout politics or be one of the ladies' confidantes.


2. Bates going to jail...again - seriously, there has been a Bates going to jail storyline in every freaking season. It was not a plot twist that it was Anna this time; it was recycled crap. I want the final season to have a Bates' baby after all this damn jail time!


3. Usually I love Lord Grantham (he was especially awesome when he finally caught on that Marigold was his granddaughter and put Edith at ease by letting her know he loved them both) - but that early storyline with Cora's basking in the glow of another man's attention - which was not an affair. OMG, he acted like such a damn hypocrite! Someone needed to remind him of his physical affair with maid Jenny back in season 1! GRRRRR!


4. Lady Rose - She is likeable, but so shallow. She is a poor substitute for Sybil. Even Rose's community service is shallow. I just can't warm up to her but can't not like her.



1. Still can't figure out if I like Lady Mary or not, even after five seasons. I will say this - the actress who plays her has such presence that it is hard for me to look away when she is in the scene. I think Mary is blind if she can't figure out why Edith is so attached to Marigold - she is the only one not in on the secret.



Overall, I enjoyed season five so much more than season four. It seems the quality improved greatly and less on the campy soap opera stuff ( I like American soaps, but DA is not a soap). I think this upcoming last season is the perfect ending to the show. I hope the last season is closer to the end of the decade.