Reconciled for Easter (Willow Park Book 4) - Noelle Adams


Abigail has been separated from her husband for almost two years. After a marriage that brought her only insecurity, she seeks a life now of peace and independence with their six-year-old daughter. Thomas wants to put their marriage back together, because he liked the wife he used to have, but she never wants to be that person again.


She might need his help with their daughter and start to enjoy his company again, but she just can't trust him with her heart. Even when she discovers that her heart still wants him for a husband.



I am DNF'ing at page 105 of 162. This shit is repetitive and the characters are so unlikable and childish. Abigail needs a shrink to deal with her Daddy and self-esteem issues and Thomas needs to stop being such a pushy, self-righteous asshole. These types of characters are why I avoid New Adult; at their age and with a child to raise, these two idiots should just grow the fuck up.