June Reading List: Welcome Summer!

May was a slower reading month than I had hoped for, but the quality was higher so I figured it was a good payoff. One of the reasons for missing my goal re: the quantity of reading was that I fell in love with a tv show (Once Upon A Time). I am finishing the first season and I am addicted. Hopefully, I find a balance between tv/movies, books, writing, and crafting while keeping my house somewhat clean and the kids happy (probably helps if I get off the Internet more often). I hope the weather improves, because summer reading is best done outside on a patch of green grass! Here is my reading list for June 2015:


1. Summer of Change (The Springs #1) by Elena Aitken (contemporary romance)

2. Huckleberry Hill (Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill #1) by Jennifer Beckstrand (Amish romance) - my first Amish romance!

3. Summer of Promise (Wesward Winds #1) by Amanda Cabot (historical romance)

4. Lady Star by Claudy Conn (historical romance)

5. That Scandalous Summer (Rules for the Reckless #1) by Meridith Duran (historical romance)

*6. One Wore Blue (Camerons Saga: Civil War #1) by Heather Graham (historical romance)

*7. One Wore Gray (Camerons Saga: Civil War #2) by Heather Graham (historical romance)

*8. And One Rode West (Camerons Saga: Civil War #3) by Heather Graham (historical romance)

9. Once Upon a Summer (Seasons of the Heart #1) by Janette Oke (Christian romance)

10. Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Mystery) by Deanna Rayborn (cozy mystery)

12. Making Waves (Lake Manawa Summers #1) by Lorna Seilstad (historical romance)

13. That Summer in Cornwall by Ciji Ware (contemporary romance)

*14. Sheikh's Desert Duty by Maisey Yates (contemporary romance)

*15. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (classic/sci-fi)

16. Call the Midwife: Shadows of the Workhouse (Call the Midwife #2) by Jennifer Worth (memoirs)

17. Unveiled (Turner Series #1) by Courtney Milan (historical romance)

18. Unraveled (Turner Series #3) by Courtney Milan (historical romance)

19. Unclaimed (Turner Series #4) by Courtney Milan (historical romance)


* Pop Sugar Reading Challenge filler