Not-so Buried Treasure

Rising Sun, Falling Shadow - Daniel Kalla

Found this book while getting a snack and drink for the kids at the shoppette before story time at the library on Thursday. There was only one copy, and it was sitting on the bottom shelf of the romance section. Never seen or heard of the book before, but come on -


1943 Shanghai!

Refugee Jews and medical professionals!

Dangerous romance with a member of the local Resistance movement!

Local Nazis!



This may be the first time an author could use the tag line "All of Melissa's catnip found here." It took about 6 nanoseconds for the book to land in my cart.


Then tonight, while searching for the book page so I could add the book to my planning shelf, I find out it is book two of a series....this will spell trouble for the great TBR pile.


Has anyone heard of or perhaps read this book or book one?