Once Upon a Summer  - Janette Oke

My NOOK ran out of juice, so I couldn't get more through this book tonight (or any other ebook for that matter). I started on my library loan (good thing about print, no charging/re-charging required) and hope to get it knocked out this week.


I am not exactly pining away to read more of this book in excitement when my NOOK is fully recharged. I am verging on a DNF, so if the book isn't read and reviewed by Monday morning BST, I am calling it quits. It is written in the same format as Little Women - lots of vignettes and scenes that don't add up to anything or move the plotline forward. I don't feel connected to the characters and can't drum up support for any of them. This feels like a creative writing class assignment on characterization rather than a full story. And there are four books in this series, making me think that this one ends in a cliff-hanger that won't be resolved until 75% into book four.


And while I am belly-aching, the author decided to write the dialogue with a mix of mid-Western/Southern accent that country folk use at the turn of the century (when the story takes place, or at least that is the impression I get since the book never reveals what time period the setting is in).. Every time I see the word "crik" I think of neck pain, not a creek or any type of waterway. The word just is spelled "jest"; the word if and even are combined to form "iffen." It is getting on my nerves and slowing down the reading process.