Summer of Change - Elena Aitken

I had previously read and enjoyed this author's works, so I had expectation of some good reading time spent on contemporary romance. I am really disappointed; this book was filled with a lot of what makes me turn off from the subgenre: insta-lust, immature characters, and fake conflict. Samantha was a native of the small town who owns a business but sucks at being a business woman, even after six years. Trent is at first a workaholic, but his business is opening in a few short weeks and he has a lot to do....which he skips doing to spend time with Samantha. They feel a instant lust that is not shared by the reader; I found it awkward when they first kissed, and more awkward sex scene. I didn't buy into their lust-turned-to-love journey either. As for the fake conflict, Samantha was a judgmental ass who didn't want anything about her beloved hometown to change, especially catering to the new tourists that come to stay at the resort (Trent's business).


Seriously, the conflict showed just how much Samantha sucks at owning and running her business. She hates tourists, those ghastly people that spend their leisure money in her town, propping up the businesses that the locals aren't supporting. Also, she bought the business (a pub) from her alcoholic father after he drank away profits; she is still in debt after owning the bar for six years, yet she promises the town a great summer solescit festival every year. This year, she is in so much debt that she was going to half ass everything about the festival rather than seek help from other local businesses, including the resort. Honestly, I hate incompetent heroines. Trent is pushy, but he needed to be in order to help Samantha out with the festival. He isn't all that competent in the business world either; his brother did more of the work at getting the resort ready for opening. I didn't find anything really great about him. He bore me more than anything. Overall, don't bother wasting time reading this book. 0 stars.