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Making Waves - Lorna Seilstad

I want to like this book more than I do now, because minus the religious stuff, it is a good summer/beach read. However, the religious stuff is keeping this book down on the rating scale (I am at 2.5-3.0 stars currently). I like the heroine, except for her lies and schemes, and then prays to her God to help her keep her lies or get out of jams - really superficial and petty things to be praying about. She came into Christianity via a revival two years before the book takes place. On the other hand, her maid is very traditional Protestant (in the vein of Baptist or other strict sects) and lectures the heroine. So on one hand, superficial spirituality and on the other hand, strict somber preachy lectures. Can't wait until all the lies are unraveled and everyone plays on a level playing field.


The hero and his work mates/friends are the only normal people at this lakeside retreat. I like him a lot. As usual, wrong suitor for the heroine's hand is evil. And I have two more books in the series to get through...