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Out of Control - Mary Connealy

She rode her horse astride with no complaints. Sidesaddle was more correct for women, Rafe had heard. But the Kincaids didn't own a sidesaddle, or a woman. (NOOK pg. 42)



There is so much going on plot-wise in this book it is confusing to read. But my real gripe with the story is the never-ending women bashing going on. Microagressive woman bashing, such as the stuff in the quote. Also the hero refers to women as "critters." Women are rare in this part of Colorado Territory in 1866, and the author continually describes woman as "other" and "strange". Conversations between the main couple run in circles for pages. Add in the insta-lust the hero has for the heroine; for an inspirational, he sure is grabby with her waist. The heroine is a mess, mentally and emotionally. All she does is cry.


At least the title of the book is accurate.


It's all adding up to a possible DNF.