25% in and random ramblings

Lady Star - Claudy Conn

Not really feeling this book. I think part of my problem is that I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the last book. Also, this book is hitting a few of my pet peeves - heroine's brother in trouble with local gang and using sister to help him, heroine much younger than the hero, the hero is kind of a entitled dick. I am hoping to finish this one by Monday morning and move on to the last book in the Call The Midwife series - a break from fiction and finishing a series should keep a building reading slump at bay. If it isn't finish, I think a DNF will be welcomed. I don't want to force myself to finish books, especially when they are freebies from the NOOK store.


Yesterday I didn't feel very good but participated in my second color run (5k where color powder is thrown at you along the course) of the summer. The first was a cool Saturday morning, but this run yesterday was at 3pm and hot. Luckily, the firefighters were there on site to provide emergency service if needed; their service was not needed, but they turned on the fire hose anyway - boy did it feel good after 3.1 miles in hot English weather. Today was the monthly free art class on base and tomorrow is a telling of Alice in Wonderland at our local park, complete with actors.