London Film & Comic Convention 2015

Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Blood - Tony Aikins, Cliff Chiang, Brian Azzarello

Yesterday kicked off London's Comic Con for this year. I bought day passes for myself and the kids for today. I went in my WW shirt, Josh had a Batman shirt on, and Sophia had a Superman shirt - DCU Trinity was the only cost effective costuming I could come up with on such short notice.


We left the local train station at 6:20 am so that we were there for opening in London (two trains, a Tube ride, and a 1 mile walk). We got there in time to stand in a line that surrounded the Olympia and nearby businesses. The line moved quickly enough that we entered the Olympia after only 45 minutes after arriving just after opening. The people in line before us were cos-players (the female of the couple was dressed as Predator I think), and were very nice about having their picture taken by other convention goers. The people behind us in line were funny (love that British humor!) and gave us newbies some tips on how to manage once we were inside.


At this point, I want to give a shout out to the people of London. Wonderful, kind, helpful people live amongst us; in London, their goodness intensifies and makes a for a warm welcome whenever I go there. I don't care what anyone says about big city living or the people who live in big cities - Londoners are amazing people, just like their city.


Cos-players and convention goers who just dressed up for fun were so creative! There was a lot of Daryneis (the dragon chick from Game of Thrones), a lot of Harley Quinns, a LOT of Jokers (both male and female) - yet no Batmans (lots of people wore Batman shirts). A big group dressed as characters from the Back to the Future franchise, but they were found only at the BTTF areas of the convention. There were Disney princesses (one Snow White, a few Annas, only one Elsa, Merida, Belle in her blue dress, and Tiana in her green ballgown), Judge Dredd groups, and many who wore costumes based on comics or video games. My personal favorite was the group of young women who dressed up in various WW costumes - they all looked bad ass while also keeping a little individuality. One lone guy dressed up as Captain Britain - yep, a real spin off of Captain America - the guys behind me had a field day with the jokes about Capt Brit. It was a great scene.


However, the show runners (Show Masters) put on a less than welcoming environment for people to shop. There must have been at least 7,500 people stuffed into the 600 ft Olympia. I couldn't really do any shopping/browsing, even though I had a goal of getting Brian Azzarello's series of the The New 52 volumes. I ended up, purely from luck, getting the first volume (issues #1-6) called Blood. We got our picture taken with the DeLorean from the movie franchise, then after 1 hour and 45 minutes of moving with waves of humanity but not really experiencing the convention, I called it quits and we headed home.


Now I am looking at trying to locate and visit some local (local being as far away as Cambridge) comic book stores to add to the WW series.


ETA: Grimlock - there was one guy dressed up as Deadpool. I thought of you as soon as I saw him. Unfortunately, no pics.