Book Scription Services May Not Be a Long Term Investment for Serious Readers


Please note: I view "serious readers" as those who read more than one book a month. That may not seem very serious to the fine folks on BL, but considering the number of adults in the U.S. who don't read even one book a month, it may be a good estimate. "Serious" does NOT mean what genres/literary fiction or non-fiction that one does in their reading.



So Scrib'd is cutting its high numbers of romance genre books and it seems romance readers are spending all of July trying to read the books in their libraries before they expire/get pulled. Romance readers are unprofitable as a market, it seems, because they read much more than the average person and Scrib'd was having difficulty meeting author payouts on so many books read.


For more information about what is going on, I posted two links to DA articles (one in the title and one in the post). I encourage my followers to read the articles and the comments to understand fully what is going on (fancy that - I am encouraging people to read the comments sections on the Internet!!!).


I have a funny feeling that cozy mysteries, another market fueled by serious readers, might also get a big cull coming its way.