Disturbance in the Force Update

Thank you to everyone who chimed in on the first disturbance post re: the beginnings of my reading slump. I took the night to think about how to change my reading so that I could mitigate the slump and get back on track. Many of you gave me suggestions that I am going to implement. So my plan of action includes:


1. I am going to keep reading the book I am reading. I should have that done by next week when my mom comes out to visit.


2. Take a break from reading altogether while my mom is out visiting. Hey, the kids and I don't get to see her very often and I have so much to show her just in my little neck of the woods (Bury St Edmunds Abbey ruins, London, Ely Cathedral, punting in Cambridge, show her the base, etc). So I am throwing myself into traveling and being the tour guide. One place we are visiting is the city of Bath and I plan on going to the Jane Austen Center while there.


3. I have two books I want to read off my summer reading list. One is for the pop sugar challenge and one is the final book in the Lake Manawa series. I think reading and completing those books will give me a sense of accomplishment.


4. Keep reading to the kids and finishing the kids summer reading challenge.


5. Maybe read more off my non-fiction shelves (ebook and physical). I certainly have a varied enough collection of history books to choose from! Plus biographies and memoirs.


6. Cull more books, especially the freebies.


7. September will be random books pulled because they call to me. No themes, no lists, no goals to read X number of books to whittle down the TBR. Also, I might just choose library books to read all month long and take a break from my personal collection.


8. I plan (other than the two weeks my mom is out here) to continue to do bookish things, like listen to book podcasts, hang out here on BL, maybe even copy and paste reviews to my LM account.


I am hoping my slump will go away by October so I can read and enjoy some seasonal stories. I hope to finish the year out strong.