Holiday Book Haul

The Adventures of Robin Hood - Roger Lancelyn Green, Arthur Hall Dover Castle: A Frontline Fortress and Its Wartime Tunnels (English Heritage Red Guides) - Jonathan Coad

My mom is now safely back in the land of the free and home of the brave. I didn't realize I missed her (we Skype most Sundays for at least a hour) until she was here (and cooking - man I missed her cooking! I am not anywhere in the vicinity of a cook that she is, much to my kids' and hubby's disappointment). It was a jam-packed two weeks:


Bury St. Edmunds trip

city of Bath two-day trip

London (Picadilly Circus and Hard Rock Café)

Dover Castle (that Dartford Crossing Bridge - panic attack-inducing and what is up with having to pay a toll online after driving through it?)

Dinosaur Adventure Park (in Lewde, Norfolk)

a tour of each military base

Highclere Castle (setting for Downton Abbey)

Banham Zoo (near Attleborough, Norfolk)

treated her to a proper English tea for lunch one day

a trip to Sherwood Forest (Nottinghamshire) to the 31st Annual Robin Hood Festival


The worst traveling was, of course, going to and from Heathrow (one day I will exit that airport without getting lost for 10-15 minutes and getting emotionally stressed out/crying buckets).


So here is my holiday book haul:

1. The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green (Puffin Classics/an imprint of Penguin)

2. The Essential Roman Baths (Bath and Northeast Somerset Council publication)

3. Dunkirk 1940: Operation Dynamo by Douglas C. Dildy (Osprey Publishing)

4. Dover Castle: A Frontline Fortress and its Wartime Tunnels by Jonathan Coad (English Heritage Guidebook)

5. Dover Castle by Steven Brindle (English Heritage Guidebook)


In addition, I am starting Jane Austen next month. Overall, a fun time but I need the weekend to recover.


ETA: not one second of my mom's visit was spent reading, even though she and I are big readers. We were too tired at the end of the days to do anything but prep for the next day and go to sleep. Hopefully, the break in reading will help cure the reading slump.