Victory in Europe - 70th Anniversary

Dear America: The Fences Between Us: The Diary Of Piper Davis: Seattle, Washington, 1941 (Playaway Children) - Kirby Larson, Elaina Erika Davis

Tomorrow, across England (I am not sure about all of the UK), there will be events and activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe day. The kids and I will be going to our local event site (20 minutes from the house) to see the memorial and parade.


This book, a library loan that was so random, was the closest story I had on my shelves that had anything to do with WWII and is my pick for today's reading. I am really liking it (4 stars so far) even though it is all diary entries and categorized as Middle Grade. Wished they had books like this when I was younger.


ETA: so the media and the base are advertising it as VE when it was a VJ memorial. A great ceremony and so glad I went.