Fodor's Exploring Scotland 7th Edition - Gilbert Summers The Witness - Nora Roberts

I keep picking "feeling terminator" because they don't have an emoticon for determined. I would like to clarify that I feel like Terminator 2 style terminator (Arnold's character, not the silver liquid dude).


Okay, so for the month of August I have read a grand total of two books. So my goal for the week is to finish off The Witness by Nora Roberts and Fodor's Exploring Scotland by Gilbert Summers (my next big trip when hubby gets home). I was hoping to get the NR book done over the weekend, but I watched season three of Once Upon A Time (the Charmings are having a baby! Emma and Hook! Queen Regina and Robin Hood! Neverland and Oz!), went to Horsey Beach and got a wicked and weird sunburn on my legs, and had a girls' night out with my friends (steak dinners and cosmic bowling) instead.


The reading slump is making everything, including household chores, more interesting than reading. I need to get my tail into high gear if I am to finish my reading goal and challenge.