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The Witness - Nora Roberts

This book started out with such promise.  But the romance is killing any chance of a rating of 3 stars or more. Such cringe worthy conversations and a sex scene that I skipped altogether because I was uncomfortable with seeing two people without an ounce of chemistry get it on. I can't believe NR dropped the ball on the romance front like this; I know her stand alones tend to be a bit more towards women's fiction, but this is sex scene for the sake of calling this a romance. And the side characters are eye-rolling (the hero's parents, the sheriff's department, his ex-high school girlfriend/recent booty call,  EVERYONE in that stinking small town).


However, I am really digging the heroine as an individual. She isn't Mary Sue but she isn't a broken emotional mess either. A truly strong female character with motivations that make sense. I just need the Russian mobsters to come back and get this story moving again, and hopefully take out a good half the population of the town.