Hug Machine

Hug Machine - Scott Campbell

To my US BL friends:


I am not going to go into detail about where I was on that bright Tuesday morning 14 years ago (I lived about 1.5 hours away from NYC and loved that city with all my heart). However, this day does bring a somber reminder of what was lost that day (the loss of life, the loss of illusion that the US was safe due to distance from the world's hot spots), and what was gained/found that day (unity among diverse populations, the community leaning on one another in times of grief, etc). If you need a hug today, consider me a long-distance Hug Machine - this was the book the librarian read for this week's Storytime hour and I thought it was quite appropriate.


To my BL friends around the world:

Thank you for your outpouring of love and support to my country 14 years ago. Many of you had equally traumatizing terror attacks in the years before and since, and I continue to stand with you all.


May this world one day know peace via experience and not just as an abstract concept.