30% read and I have observations

Pride & Prejudice (NOOK Edition) - Jane Austen



I wish more romance heroines were like Elizabeth Bennet - smart, funny, and honest.


I still don't feel much, either good or bad, for Mr. Darcy. My interest lies with Mr. Bennet and how he handles his family like a boss.


Mrs. Bennet is SO NOT subtle; at this point I don't think she could even spell the word subtle, let alone be subtle. And Mrs. Lucas really needs to put Mrs. Bennet in her place - "friends" like Mrs. Bennet should be avoided. All the marriage-minded mamas in historical romance are a pale imitation of Mrs. Bennet. I could feel Liz's embarrassment at the Netherfield ball's supper. I could also feel Darcy's bewilderment/disgust at hearing such blatant game playing coming from the mouth of Mrs. Bennet.


Jane and Mr. Bingley seem like a happy couple in much the same way Hero and Claudio are a happy couple/foil for Beatrice and Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing. However, there is not much in the development of Liz and Darcy's relationship thus far, so Jane and Bingley are a little mushy at this point.


Mr. Collins is at turns creepy as hell and just freaking annoying. But what really set me off was when he chalks up Lizzy's refusal to marry him as based on female whims. Dude, get a huge clue and move on to the next sister already. And he has serious diarrhea of the mouth whenever a topic nears Lady Catherine - I am so sick of Catherine already.


I couldn't care less about the three remaining Bennet sisters. And I could really do with less "she cried" "he cried" - just say "she said" "she remarked" etc. The "cried" is repetitive.


So enjoying reading this book. I get my chores done much quicker knowing I get to sit down and read P&P after finishing the chores.