TBR Thursday* September 24, 2015

Love's First Flames  - Ramona Flightner Banished Love - Ramona Flightner Angel Falls - Kristin Hannah The Lawyer's Luck: A Home to Milford College prequel novella - Piper Huguley, Piper Huguley A Dream Defiant - Susanna Fraser Let the Circle Be Unbroken - Mildred D. Taylor

Over the past week I have been devoting some of my book browsing/buying time towards books that have diverse characters or written by POCs in order to expand my taste and as a break from dukes in ballrooms. It wasn't easy (I stopped at page 150 and only walked away with two books that night).  Although I haven't compiled any data, I feel like I could do better in my reading and buying when it comes to diverse books and authors.


It was hard though, because the  NOOK store's new website puts the erotica (the self-published erotica that have titles that make you wince**) in with the romance category, so you are shifting through a lot of pixels. I also don't like that the NOOK store separates the "AA and Multicultural" romance from the other categories - it would be easier to find diverse books as a customer if book sellers move diverse romances into the categories that best fit the story rather than pushing a bunch of books with varying tropes/categories into one category because of the skin color of the leads.


But I digress; here are my new TBR additions:


1. Loves First Flames (Banished Saga #0.5) and Banished Love (Banished Saga #1) by Ramona Flightner. The novella was free and the first in the series (hello, mild form of reading OCD) and the second was on sale for under $2. I am leery of picking up any other books in the series until I read these two, as the word Saga gives me rash thinking about the 12 books that might be in the series and the time commitment to reading 12 books. But historical romance set in America without a titled/monied MCs, so I took the chance on these two starters.


2. Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah. I have read two Hannah books before (one I loved, the other I liked), and this was on sale for cheap ($1.99), so I picked it up. I am still in the dating phase of my reading relationship with Hannah, so normally I pick her up via library loans. My women's fiction shelf has swelled since the start of 2015, a sign that I am taking to mean that I may be burning out on romance, which led to looking outside my comfort zone and browsing diverse books.


3. The Lawyer's Luck (A Home to Milford College prequel novella) by Pippa Hughley. Hughley has been on my radar since early May, when she was interviewed for the DBSA podcast while at the RT convention. I saw this and for 99 cents, figured I could dip my toes into this world and see if I like it before committing to more books. This is AA historical romance set in 1844 Ohio.


4. A Dream Defiant (Harlequin Historical/Carina Press) by Susanna Fraser. MMMM...that cover. Anyway, interracial historical romance set in Regency Spain and England. Picked it up because I am one of the few people who actually likes Harlequin's Historical line and the interracial relationship is black man/white woman, which was rare in my browsing finds. Also, did I mention that cover? I think I will hit this one in November during my annual Harlequin marathon. Please note: it is published by the Carina imprint at Harlequin, so the only version is in Kindle and ebook format - no print. Also, that cover is not available in poster size, which is a damn shame.


5. Let the Circle Be Unbroken by Mildred D. Taylor. I picked this up from the base library's paperback swap shelves. I haven't read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry yet, so I don't know if I should start this or read Roll first or start this book. I wonder if this book can be considered a classic?


*book meme created by Moonlight Reader

**egads, especially those erotica titles with black male/white woman leads. I could do a whole rant on this topic.