57% Read and I have feelings

Pride & Prejudice (NOOK Edition) - Jane Austen

So last night I stayed up until 1am reading and could have gone through the night reading if I wasn't the only parent in the house and needed to be up with the kids in the morning.



1. ZOMG re: Darcy's marriage proposal to Elizabeth. So many feelings about his unromantic, yet romantic feelings for her. I love that he has the composure to be seen as confident in Elizabeth's agreement, but inside he is a jangle of nerves. Then he lost the composure when Elizabeth said no and explained why and you could see the hurt he tried to cover up. **SWOONS**


2. I want to be BFFs with Elizabeth. She is clear-eyed about situations and sees what others don't want to see/believe. When she is given new information, she thinks about how the new information fits into her ideas of the situation. Yet, she is very self-aware; when learning, by Darcy's own words, his take in the Bingley-Jane break up and Wickham situation, she understands him more but is still sure of her decision not to marry him.


3. I still think Bingley's sister is a bitch for the way she treated Jane, even knowing it was by Darcy's hand that the break up happened. Bingley is a spineless fish and Jane can do better.


4. Mr. Collins lost the creep factor after marrying Charlotte, but upped his ability to annoy by several degrees. STFU already. Ditto for Lady Catherine.


5. I didn't like to see the Bingley-Jane break up, but can't find fault in Darcy's estimation of the Bennet family. Mr. Bennet, Jane, and Elizabeth are the only down-to-earth, sensible people in that family. I want to slap the younger two sisters for just being nit-wits.