82% Read and I drank the Darcy Kool-Aid

Pride & Prejudice (NOOK Edition) - Jane Austen

My word, Lydia is a walking, talking embarrassment of the female gender (cis and non-cis alike). Elizabeth has my undying respect for not slapping the living daylights out of her sister for Lydia's visit home after marrying that jerk Wickham. Lydia is a younger, even stupider version of Mrs. Bennet.



Also, I drank the Darcy Kool-Aid and boarded the bandwagon. The way he treated her at Pemberley when Elizabeth got the news of Lydia's stupid stunt was swoon-worthy. I am hoping that in spite of everything, Elizabeth and Darcy get a happy ever after and she moves as far away from her dumbass family as possible.