First Book in a Mail Order Bride Series of Novellas

Montana At Sunrise (The Montana Brides, #1) - Blaire Brand

Sweet/chaste romance and quick story of a woman who goes out west to meet her future husband...and is sorely disappointed. She ends up with a US Marshal and moves to Oregon. I felt that this story could be based, at least in part, on true stories of mail order brides meeting their intended and finding out that certain conditions were either glossed over or never mention (like the intended is a raging alcoholic, for example).


It is a self-published work, and there were a few typos and missing words (like using the pronoun he when she was referring to her deceased mother), but nothing that yanked me out of the story. At 65 pages, there was insta-love between US Marshal and Bride to move the story along. 3 stars and tomorrow I will move on to novella number two in the series.