A Bonny Bride (The Montana Brides, #2) - Blaire Brand

I liked this story involving Sorcha Sinclair (a Scot immigrant) and Will Forbes (new sheriff of Broken Spur, MT), but the novella suffers a worsening copy editing condition from the first book. This time there was at least one mistake in every chapter. What was a solid three star story is getting half a star removed because of a lack of attention to editing.


I liked Will a lot more than I liked Sorcha. I have a soft spot for beta heroes, and Will was the perfect beta - knowing when to stand back and take in non-verbal clues of those around him and when to be aggressive enough to get his job done. Sorcha was a standard historical romance heroine, and a bit overdramatic at times. The cover and title were misleading. The cover model was wearing too much black and looked too emo/angsty for the story; as for the title, Sorcha was anything but bonny through 80% of the story so the title mislead from the story as well.