Banned Books Week 2015

*gets soapbox out of shed*


*places soapbox and microphone in the middle of the square*


I don't know if I am being made aware more lately of the increasing banning (and threatening to ban) books or if there is an actual increase of banning literature (and threatening to ban). Quite frankly, I never understood banning books; it is not like if you ban the book, the ideas go away in a process of stupid evaporation. But with my increasing awareness of (threats) banning books and literature censorship, I decided to use my little corner of the bookish Internet and devoting most of my posts to highlighting how wrong banning books is or to highlight said banned books.


I think one of the turning points for me to make literature censorship one of my pet causes is that I finally made the time to read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. The book was published in the 1960s, but damn if it doesn't describe American society (and I would venture to also lump English society in there) today. I still have nightmares imagining my living room to have nothing but wall-to-wall televisions all tuned into reality programming.


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