Lowcountry Boneyard - Susan M. Boyer

I really enjoyed this installment in the Liz Talbot cozy mystery. The relationship between Liz and Nate worked out because they acted like adults and talked through their problems (hear that contemporary romance writers?). They also focused on the case, working off the theory that their missing person was still alive (after coming into the investigation a month after the person disappeared); this in turned kept the plot moving with urgency. Family secrets don't stay secret forever.


I really like Liz, as both a PI and a character but the reason for taking off half of a star is that she kept leaving her weapon in her person and then leaving her person to go off alone. She did that twice and even mentioned after the first time how she needs to keep her Sig close to her until the case closed. Then she leaves her weapon in the car and walks away to investigate the fresh grave. Come on, you are a PI, wear a damn holster or leg brace.


4.5 stars and can't wait until book four.