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Bite Me, Your Grace - Brooklyn Ann

Well, I really thought this book was going to be different. From the romance bloggers I follow (DA and SBTB), this book was rated a solid B at the least. But no, this is barely going to hit 3 stars, and it will take a decent amount of improvement to do so.


One interesting scene raised my hopes for a better than average historical romance. Hero and heroine (Angelica) are kicked out of Almack's due to excessive PDA. They are laughing about it because neither one is really interested in going there to dine/dance with society. One of guardians of Almack's makes a remark about "how their children will be lucky to get a voucher" (permission to attend Almack's). The hero admits to Angelica that he can't have kids, on the basis that vampires don't reproduce. Angelica's response was "oh, I never really gave motherhood much thought. No loss on my end not to have children with you." Pretty cool that a romance (of any subgenre) would give the heroine that attitude.


But then, all hopes were dashed when in the next chapter, this happens:


So Ian Ashton, Duke of Bunrath and Lord Vampire of London, totally pulls a stunt straight from Twilight Edward's vampire play book. He flies into Angelica's bedchamber at night while she is sleeping, watches her sleep for a couple of minutes (CREEPY AS FUCK - stop it authors!) and Marks her (complete ritual making bonding her to him and invoking his undying wrath if any harm should come to her). All without her consent, since she never wakes up, even during his boring ritual speech. She is then forced to sip a few drops of his blood - again, while she is not awake and consenting. Good Grief, Charlie Brown!


And I am back to caring not one whit about any of these people.