Bite Me, Your Grace - Brooklyn Ann

Half star for the proper use of grammar and spelling.


Seriously, that is the only constant good thing about this book.


The heroine is a childish, spoiled brat who can't stop for one moment and think about any fallout or consequences for her actions. It is all about her. And she is so damn horny, like a lovesick puppy. She was a New Adult heroine in a paranormal historical romance.


The hero is okay, but spends too much damn time indulging in his wife (the heroine). Also he really toed the line on the alpha male/alpha hole.


The side plot of the lesser vampire and the doctor was overly dramatic to the point of eye-rolling. The hero should have killed them both.


Every character sucked in this book. I am deeply disappointed that I trusted two different blogs that both gave this book solid good reviews. I am going to avoid all the author's works from now on.