DNF at 23%

Dark Wolf Rising - Rhyannon Byrd

I can't. I. Just. Can't. Officially calling this a DNF at page 55. This is not for me for several reasons:


1. Reading about a person's scent in EVERY DAMN paragraph is slowly draining me.


2. TSTL yet bitchy heroine is exhausting.


3. Alpha-hole hero and his sexist thoughts.


4. Insta-lust is now insta-love as soon as heroine was in danger (kidnapped).


5. This is book four and while you can read this as a stand alone, the constant vague reminders of what happened in books 1-3 are annoying.


6. I don't need detailed descriptions of the main MCs and their lust for each other.


7. Hero decides he doesn't need or can wait for back up, so goes into bad guys territory solo.


8. Two and half chapters to deal with one scene. For such a "sexy" book, it is hella boring.


9. I hate every character in this book so far, but not enough to hate read this.


I am really glad I don't have anything else in my TBR from this author or series.