Pseudonyms & Reviewing One's Own Book (under another name) on Amazon

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So an author (we'll call her Author 1) whose first book in a series was published as YA has decided that the second book in the series is NA, and thus she's going to publish it under another name. (And by "she's going to publish it", I mean Digital-First Publisher [not their real name] will, or so I'm assuming because they published Book 1.)

For branding matters, I think it's a total mistake to publish books in your one series under different author names. Just because Jayne Ann Kretz did it, doesn't mean that anyone else should. (Doesn't mean that JAK should have done it, either, but I digress...)

So she's announced a title for book two...but still hasn't told announced what name it will be under. Says it'll be out in December. Can't see anything that looks like it on the publisher's website, but maybe they don't have it up yet.

Or maybe it'll be self-published, which makes more sense considering that December titles by Publisher are already up for pre-order, and heck knows I've been running the title through Amazon every week seeing if it's up yet.

But it's not my place to tell an author how to run their business, and no one wants to hear a reader's opinion anyway, unless that opinion is 100% positive. But I digress.

Couldn't see anything on her agent's website, but I ran the author, agent, and publisher's name through Google, and I've found the author's other name - we'll call her Author 2. (There was an identifying feature - a title change that gave it away - and it was sold under Author 1's name, but published under Author 2's name - though they're the same person.)

Anyway, so while I was looking through Google results...I found that Author 1 has reviewed Author 2's novel on Amazon - five stars and positive, of course. Amazon likely doesn't care, because the author's names aren't publicly linked (as in "Author 1 also writes as Author 2"), though my research shows that they are the same person.

Author 2's book in question isn't THE sequel I'm looking for, by the way. This was another series Author 1 had sold, but I hadn't added to my wishlist yet, because I generally only add to wishlist when something's up for pre-order, or unless it's a new-to-me author.

Generally speaking, I don't take issue with pseudonyms, and respect authors' rights to privacy. I only really take an interest when an author says they've published (or will publish) under another name, but don't announce what that other name is, even though the book is part of the same series, for feck's sake!

(Also, now I want to read the book Author 2 HAS published, but it's no longer on NetGalley, and will likely not be in my library's catalogue. Missed opportunity, damn it.)

But now I don't know if I even want to read it (okay, I do), now that I know SHE REVIEWED HER OWN BOOK ON AMAZON! Technically, her other self's book, but THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON. (Sorry for shouting.)

Anyway, some Twitter friends suggested I could email Amazon and show my research. It's just one review, so why am I getting so angry? Principle of the matter, and just frustrated about researching? And who knows? Book 2 might even be published under a third name, Author 3.

Lesson of this story?
1. Don't change your author name partway through a series.
2. Don't review your other self's book under your name.

Okay, you can do either/both, but I don't recommend it. And if you do, I'll side-eye you ;-)

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.