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The Captive Maiden - Melanie Dickerson

Just read the prologue. Two observations:


1. These names are going to keep throwing me out of the story. Gisela, Evfemia, Conztel, Irma, Valten....geesh. Gisela just earned her nickname "Cinders-ela." Yes the names are probably very much accurate for a story taking place in Germany 1403 (prologue) and then nine years later (chapter one), but I am going to have to concentrate to stay in the story.


2. So in the prologue, 8 year old Gisela dreams of the Earl of Hagenheim, Valten. Valten is seven years older than her, and she met him a year ago for a brief time. Yet in the prologue, an 8 year old girl is already pining away for a marriage to the compassionate Earl, who is 7 years older. I'm sorry, but that is just freaking creepy, even knowing this is an "inspirational".