Ellora's Cave and Dear Author Settle Lawsuit

I hope terms of settlement is released to the public.


I was hoping that EC/JB/TE would be forced to open their books so that authors who haven't been paid royalities could initiate suits against EC on their own. I also wanted to see EC/JB/TE be publicly punished for bringing such a lawsuit against a blogger in order to hide business failings and to chill free speech.


However, for Dear Author and Jane Litte, I can see how having the lawsuit resolved/settle before the end of the year could be a big burden lifted off the blog's/her shoulders.


I doubt EC/JB/TE learned a lesson. Any author that submits a MS to them or signs a contract with them is a fool. Bottom line, do your research; start with the #notchilled hashtag on Twitter and follow blog posts.


I see a bankruptcy filing in the near future (Jan 2016 maybe) and authors awaiting royalities for months (sometimes a year or more) getting the shaft end of the deal.


I would go about publicly announcing my personal boycott of all things Ellora's Cave, but to be honest, I never purchased an EC title because that romance subgenre never appealed to me and the prices were too steep for category romance ebooks. Publicly boycotting a company you never shopped before seems like screaming in the void. I do keep EC's authors in my thoughts as I hope they get paid and/or get their rights back so they can self-publish or go with another publishing company.


Random 2 cents.